Francois Pillement cello 1820

En mycket fin violoncell av F. Pillement byggd 1820-30. Certifikat av Rampal, Paris. Värderingsintyg av Internationell expert av Handelskammare i Stockholm

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LOB 727mm
Vibrating string length 685mm
Neck mensur 277mm
Body mensur 390mm


John Dilworth

PILLEMENT (PILLEMONT), (Jean) François Born 1758, d. after 1830 Mirecourt France. Known as ‘Pillement père’, since some authorities assume that ‘Jean François Pillement’ is his son, but this seems not to be the case. ‘Jean’ and ‘Jean François’ are the same individual. Many fine violins, cellos, and double basses. Branded and labelled variously ‘Mirecourt’, ‘Paris’ and ‘Cremona’, all made nevertheless in Mirecourt. Henley attributes his early work to the school of Gavinies style; subsequent work on Amati and finally Stradivari models. Branded internally: “F. Pillementi / Père. A.Paris”