French violin by Georges Apparut

A fine French violin by Georges Apparut with JJ Rampal´s Certificate.


Born at Juraincourt (near Mirecourt), 1877. Son and pupil of Leon. Worked at the Ateliers of Blanchard at Lyons, 1896-1899, and with Mougenot at Brussels, 1900-1903. Succeeded to the business of Charotte at Mirecourt, 1925. Obtained gold medals at Nancy, Brussels, Metz, Gand and Paris. Diplomas of honour at other Exhibitions.
Interesting and high finished productions of thoroughly good art. Established considerable fame in France, Belgium and America, soloists having been a powerful auxiliary in propaganding his name. Several French virtuosi acknowledge the the brilliant tone which enables them to excite astonishment and delight from an audience.
Models of Stradivarius and other Italians faithfully delineated. Outline and arching show all the care and knowledge that can only be obtained by long and matured experience. Grading, according to the model, done to a nicety, not a deviation of a hair’s breadth can be found. Everything as beautifully correct as the model. Faithful copies, but also having a tone almost like the mature Italian. Beautiful wood. Grandly transparent oil varnish, difficult, at a short distance, to distinguish it from the Cremonese.
Violas and ’cellos also stand the test of close examination, satisfying any examiner however extensive may be his acquaintance with the various schools. Reference: Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow makers by William Henley.