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Alexander Moin

Birger Jarlsgatan 94
114 20 Stockholm
+46 70 527 46 26

Visitors by appointment only.

You are welcome to try our instruments in a studio in Stockholm.

We know how important it is to try out a violoncello, a violin or bow before buying, and that is why we offer a trial period. You are free to try the instrument or bow in the comfort of your home, studio, or local concert hall, as well as show it to your teacher or music colleagues.

Selling a cello or cello bow

One of the easiest ways to sell a cello is to take it to Since we sell cellos frequently, we are likely to buy your cello for a fair price.

Make sure that you bring your written appraisal or have a price in mind at which you would like to sell the cello. This way you have a baseline for negotiating the selling price of your cello.

Negotiating is key. We are very willing to negotiate with you on price, especially if you act respectfully to us or are a great customer. Read some articles and blogs about negotiating before you go.

Trade in a cello

Another way to negotiate the sale of your cello is to ask for a trade-in. If you are looking for a larger or higher-quality cello, trading it in can get you a better selling price. Just like when you are trading in a used car, music shops are much more willing to give you a higher price if they have a guaranteed sale of the more expensive instrument.

Frog of violin bow