Swedish cello Öhberg

A very fine and rare cello by Johann Öhberg. Real concert violoncello.

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ÖHBERG, Johann (I) Born 1723, died 1779 Stockholm Sweden. Pupil of S. Beckman, active from 1758. Leading maker in Stockholm in his period. Teacher of E. Sandberg, J. Jerner and D. Wickström. Prolific output but of variable quality; some cheaper work without purfling. Instruments frequently numbered individually. Suggested totals are 278 violins, 16 violas, about 40 cellos, and one double bass (also many plucked instruments). Good Stainer-derived model, slightly undersized. Well carved and concentric scroll with broad pegbox. Violas and cellos generally most successful. Best work with fine golden-yellow varnish; lesser grades with hard yellow or dull dark brown varnish. By: John Dilworth.