Mittenwald cello

A nice violoncello made in 2018 in Leonhardts workshop, Germany. Certificate and evaluation of the Maker.

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The Leonhardt Workshop, producing qualitiy bowed instruments since 1926, is situated in the small town of Mittenwald. The Leonhardt workshop has graduated from its humble beginnings to an atelier of master craftsmen.

Shop founder Anton Dietl was succeeded by his son-in-law Wilfried Leonhardt - himself son of Mittenwald luthier Fritz Leonhardt (plucked instruments). Wilfried Leonhardt has in turn been followed by his own son, master luthier Rainer W. Leonhardt (1997).

Considering Rainer W. Leonhardt┬┤s passion for excellent craftsmanship, it comes as no surprise that he is also manager of the renowned Mittenwald Museum of Violin Making.