Laberte Humbert cello 1915

A good French cello Laberte-Humbert 1915-20. Certificate of Rampal, Paris. Appraisal by International Luthier Expert.

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Price 180 000 SEK
Laberte-Humbert Frères
Violin maker
(fl. 1876 – 1969)
Mirecourt firm founded in 1876 by the violin making brothers Maurice-Emile and Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte. At first it produced only factory instruments, some with fictitious labels such as ‘J. Didelot’. In the early 20th century Marc Laberte, the son of Pierre Alexis Auguste Laberte, added a range of higher-quality instruments by makers including Joseph Aubry, Charles Brugere, Camille Poirson and Georges Apparut.