Cello rental

Rent or rent-and-buy cello - we offer different rental programs for cellos nationwide.
You rent for a minimum period of 6 months, after which you can choose to buy the violoncello, return it or continue to rent. If you choose to buy, you will be credited with 70% of the rent you paid in the first six months.

Price 1 500 SEK

Cello hire is an option that makes sense for a variety of reasons. It may be somebody’s first experience playing the cello and the question of whether they will enjoy it or not, or it may be to enable the younger player to start lessons and have easy access to changing cellos through the different sizes as the player grows. Or, it may provide a former player with an opportunity to take up the cello again.
All cello presented at website can be rented, prices begin at 1500 SEK/month for cello only.
Short-term rent is available as well.

Student instruments - prices from 1000 SEK/month for cello only.