French cello bow Cuniot

A fine French cello bow by Eugène Cuniot made in 1900. Round stick, silver nickel mounted. Ca. 79g. Certificate of Raffin.

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Price 69 000 SEK
Born 1861. Son of Pierre. Died 1912. Hury is the name of his wife. Worked in rue Vuillaume, Mirecourt. Made first group of bows in 14th year, and straightway became a fully-fledged professional. Won several gold medals and diplomas of honour. Produced specimens of various grades in value. Copied all the well-known styles with equal success. Highest priced examples richly merit laudatory testimonials. Each bow doubly gifted with elasticity and strength. Even those purchasable at small expenditure will not be received with any semblance of a frown from any fastidious critic.
Reference: Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow makers by William Henley.