French cello Thouvenel 1830

A very fine French cello by Jean Baptiste Thouvenel (Thouvenel-Henry) made ca. 1830. Branded on inside back “Thouvenel-Henry”.

LOB 740mm. Certificate of J.J. Rampal, Paris. Evaluation certificate of the International expert of Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

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Price 290 000 SEK


Born at Mirecourt, 1851. Died 1929. Trained in the art by Colson. Nicnamed “Paganini”. Stradivarian modelling in the customary Mirecourtian manner. Workmanship, in this case, rather ennobled by being well finished though possibly not to be adjudged as of immaculate delicacy. Instruments having staunch supporters in the orchestral world. Frequently one-piece backs of handsomely marked material. Light yellow-brown or orange shades of varnish.

’Cellos, all essential points approved of by those intelligent amateurs who are susceptible to the considerable beauties of style belonging to types other than the Italian. Also produced guitars and hurdy-gurdies. Branded “Thouvenel Henry à Mirecourt” or “Touvenel Henry”. Reference: Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow makers by William Henley.