French cello bow Clasquin/Peccatte

A very fine french cello bow made in 1915 by Clasquin in co-operation with Charles Peccatte. Stamped “Peccatte”.
Round finest pernambuco stick, ca. 80.3g, silver mounted. Certificate of Raffin and Experts.

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Price 95 000 SEK
Worked at Paris, 1900. Pupil of Bazin. Died 1926. Bows of refined workmanship, perfect balance, strong heads.
Some writers only give one “t” in this name. Son of François. Born at Mirecourt, 1850. Worked for Vuillaume, Voirin and Lenoble before opening own establishment at Paris, 1908. There meretorious bows have received consistent acknowledgement from soloists… .
Reference: Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow makers by William Henley.